Video of Justin Raimondo’s November 10 Presentation

Essay Submission Deadline Extended to December 8

For reasons beyond our control, we were not able to upload the video of the program until Friday, November 19.  For the video of the whole program (in eight parts for the presentation and five parts for the Q&A), go here:  Video of Justin Raimondo’s Antiwar Presentation.

The Ridgefield Liberty Cooperative is offering a $1,000 prize for the student who submits the most thoughtful 300 word (or less) essay relating to Mr. Raimondo’s topic.

See contest details here: Essay Contest Details.

The deadline for submitting essays has been extended one week as a result of the delay in posting the video.  The new deadline is December 8.

Likewise, the target date for announcing the winner has been extended to December 17.

You can participate in the essay competition even though you did not attend the program.

For the written version of Mr. Raimondo’s presentation entitled Getting Beyond ‘Left’ and ‘Right’, go here:  (1) Part One,  November 10 Antiwar Presentation and (2) Part Two, November 10 Antiwar Presentation.

Posted by Richard S. Land 11/19 /10.

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